Advent(ures) in the social and solidarity economy

I’ve been finishing off today the last in a series of 24 short pieces on British social enterprises and cooperatives, which The Guardian is using for its 2013 online social enterprise ‘advent calendar’ (you’ll need to look at the website here and here to see what exactly this means).

Organisations covered in the series include some well-known social enterprises such as the Big Issue and Jamie Oliver’s 15, but it’s the small initiatives, often inspired by one key individual, which I found particularly interesting to report on. Good luck to them all.

In Britain, we are becoming familiar with the term ‘social enterprise’. Internationally, including at the UN, the talk tends to be of the ‘social and solidarity economy’, SSE. If you’re interested in some of the debates happening globally around SSE, a good place to start may be this UNRISD webpage.

3 thoughts on “Advent(ures) in the social and solidarity economy

  1. Hi Andrew

    Like the UK, the US is not very familiar with the term social enterprise either, unfortunately anything that refers to social (socialists, socialism, etc.) is looked upon with great suspicion by the populace (given all the red commie scares and propaganda of the Cold War period). Again its a great word for what coops and mutuals actually are – the intersection between private sector and civil society, which may be one reason why they are misunderstood. They just dont fall into neatly preconceived categories. Here is a slide from a presentation I gave her to US audiences introduced this concept this way.

    [image: Inline image 1]

    Thanks for sharing news and insightful perspectives on your blog, I find them very interesting!



  2. Hi Andrew.

    I wondered whether you would like to include any examples from Wales, for the social enterprise advent calendar. We’re currently running an online campaign, ‘Winter Go Full Circle’, that might provide you with some useful content. Please see for more details.




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