Can you turn Supreme Streets Ltd into an employee-owned business?

You’ve probably never heard of Supreme Streets, the family-run business which makes cast-iron lamp stands, signposts, public seating and other types of street furniture and which was set up by the present owner’s grandfather back in the days when horse troughs were all the rage.

In fact, I will guarantee you’ve never heard of Supreme Streets because the firm is fictitious, made up by me at the request of the Open University for a new online resource which I’ve been working on this year and which has just gone live.  The resource aims to explore the issues which can face business owners when they come to retire and in particular the possibilities of converting businesses like this into employee-ownership concerns.

The resource is interactive, and how you answer the questions determines what happens next. But I’d like to think that by the time players have completed the game they’ll have a clear idea of how employee ownership can be made to work and the main issues which have to be addressed.

You can play it yourself. It’s at